Kingdom Building
based on
Mark 12: 30 & 31

Have you seen the hunger for God’s kingdom in fiction writing?

I confess, I hunger for a place of peace. Sometimes the hunger is so great that I create those moments in the stories that I write.

Yes, I know. I can create those times of peace for a neighbor or friend who is in need. However, at times I feel like a person walking in the desert for several days without water. The moment the opportunity presents itself for a drink there is no hesitation. I’d gulp down a swallow or four. That’s the experience of a writer who just becomes aware of a virtual need and then writes about how the obstacles can be overcome to fulfill that need.

The bonus is there is now a record of that moment of peace. That story is there to be read and enjoyed anytime later by anyone who loves living in a loving, safe world.

The problem with acts of kindness, is they are like a shooting star. It is seen as a light flashing across a dark sky. Beautiful to see. Then it is gone.

Of course, the simple solution is to look for more shooting stars, look for more instances where someone has done a loving act. The same joy can be recaptured.

The thing is shooting stars are most easily visible at night. In a way, opportunities to meet or see someone else meeting another’s need is only available if you aren’t wrapped up in the work of the day.

I know. Too many times I have been engaged in a competitive game or lost in a movie. It isn’t always easy to break away from these self-serving activities to see or participate in an act of kindness, something I admit is an equally rewarding engagement.

Fortunately, if I really want to find moments where God’s kingdom is evident, I can grab a book, even if it is just one, I wrote.

I know after reading the first chapter of my book, Change of Luck, I am pleased by the actions of Richard Howard. Jerry had finished his dinner at the Character Cove restaurant when he discovered that he didn’t have his wallet. Richard, a complete stranger, helped him out. A shooting star moment. However, reading on one discovers a shadow is cast over Richard’s motivation. What is the truth? That mystery isn’t unravelled until the end of part one in Change of Luck.

Have you ever wandered about a person’s caring act?

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