Kingdom Building
based on
Mark 12: 30 & 31

What is a Kingdom Building blog?

Answer: Writing and sharing, fiction or non-fiction, that points to signs that God’s kingdom is breaking into the darkness that envelopes the earth today, tomorrow, every day, everywhere.
That is the blessing that those who pray the Lord’s prayer look for:
your kingdom come,
your will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.

In essence it is the request for God’s light to shine brightly. Light chases away the darkness, the environment that makes possible deeds of self-centeredness and suffering.

A person, under the cover of the darkness of privacy or anonymity, insult another or to assault or rob another and hope to escape being identified, captured, and punished. That hope almost disappears in the light of day.

What is welcomed is actions that follow God’s will. These actions are described in Mark 12: verse 30 and 31 in the Bible.

(30) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength.

(31) The second is love your neighbour as yourself.

A world filled with peace; a world filled with compassion. A world where people’s actions make one feel safe, accepted, worthy, comfortable, or happy is a place that draw others together like a campfire on a cold night. People are attracted to the light of love, to the light of people doing God’s will. As this heavenly place becomes more a reality, the dark self-serving hunger slinks away.

Listeners to the news on television or radio or readers of the daily newspapers may well conclude that their world is filled with darkness, like the sky at night, but there is another reality.  For those who know where to look God’s kingdom is popping up like mushrooms after a rain.

I see the role of the Kingdom Builder blog as building an environment where talking about

acts of compassion are commonplace. Where the hope of a peace filled world is becoming a reality. Thanks be to God. Hopefully people were search for these signs of God’s kingdom, like they look into the night sky for shooting stars.

I invite you to follow this blog to read of signs of God’s kingdom seen around us everywhere, every day. Even more I invite you to join me in sharing those signs with others on this blog from time to time.

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