Kingdom Building
based on
Mark 12: 30 & 31

The news seems to turn the spotlight on the darkest elements in the community. Not very uplifting. However, that is not the case in the novel, Sarah’s Song written by Vicky Whedbee.

In a-backwoods 1940’s Tennessee community setting, where rural life is a struggle, the reader finds several caring people. At first one might assume that it is their poverty that forces them to look out for each other. As one becomes more familiar with the characters, it becomes clear that a genuine concern for each other’s welfare is at the heart of their actions. Their compassion shines like stars in the night sky.

However, no characters shine more brightly than Virgil and Millicent, horse breeders. Their heart of God begins to be seen when they choose to be kind to a stranger that has stolen their fresh baked pie from their window ledge. Do they call the police to hunt down and punish the, as of yet, unseen thief? No. They choose a pastor-like response. Millicent provides another fresh baked pie. It disappears. Later, intent on gaining the trust of this stranger, they provide some clothes. 

Are there such thoughtful people like that in the world? I like to think so. Certainly, there is in Vicky Whedbee’s mind and for that I thank her. It is a pleasure to read about people who create a loving environment. 

If you enjoy seeing an element of God’s kingdom come to life, then you must pick up Sarah’s Song for there more things that Virgil and Millicent do that would cause you to smile, that will cause God to nod in approval.

Well done, Vicky.

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