A Kingdom Building Light Found in a Hellish Setting

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I have to admit, the night sky that I see outside of my home is a lot darker than the one shown above. There are a lot less stars. You could probably say that it more accurately reflects the Covid mood of many people these days. That emptiness certainly reflects the setting of protagonist in Aballone, the book I recently finished reading.
The author, J. G. MacLeod, introduces the reader to a setting like the dark sky outside my house, reality you might say. At least the reality for some unfortunate people. Her main character, Liz, comes from a broken home. Liz’s mother left her and her father for some other man. Liz’s father wallows in a deep depression leaving Liz to tackle the challenges of a growing teen by herself. Liz’s life becomes even more challenging when she moves in a high school where none of her friends attend.
Liz’s atmosphere changes dramatically when James, a boy two years older than her, enters her life. She stands in awe of him like one who is fascinated by seeing the power of a category three storm.
He brings with him a setting dark-hole setting. His parents are separated. He has young Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome brother and a violent alcoholic mother. James’s manipulative personality is a product of his upbring and when Liz enters his world, she discovers his nature is as destructive as the storm.
Imagine the discomfort for one who loves to read about an environment of love, peace and harmony, elements to be found in God’s kingdom. However, the author does provide the reader and Liz with a bright star in the person of Martin, a patient, understanding, caring cowboy. It is not surprising that he comes from a home of the same nature. These stars in Liz’s world are a welcome change. The only question that remains is whether Liz is able to reach out to the light and regain a world of peace. Like the bright star in the sky above Martin has caught her eye.
Thanks to this kingdom revealing author, J. G. MacLeod, for this sign of hope in Liz’s dark world.

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