I Don’t Trust You

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Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind

No Son. Not a chance

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CHANGE OF LUCK (book #1 & 2)

You are short of money for an important purchase. Miraculously, someone turns up and offers you $100. Would you take it? No conditions. You can even return it later if you want to.

That’s Jerry’s situation when he receives a dinner bill. Then he discovers he forgot his wallet at home.

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Change Of Luck: Not My Fault

But I didn’t steal that money.

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In as sea of grey-haired people, Ashley Norris, recently divorced young lady sees Randy. He’s the only person her own age aboard this Mediterranean cruise ship.What a blessing! Or maybe not.

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The Caretaker is a multi-theme novel.

Please send me the chapter that introduces me to the characters who are pursuing theme

A professional influencing decision makers

How citizens take action to save a wildlife sanctuary.

A legal system with a heart for the victim and the offender.

Old Country Surprises

During Mike’s search for his loving grandfather’s birth place he discovers many cultural gems.

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Baggage burdens.

Can a strong willed woman forget the abusive she experienced as a child?

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Helping Hands

Can a strong-willed woman overcome the abuse she experienced as a child?

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In The End

Can’t face death. The boys can relate.

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