Lock me up in the dementia ward!
No son. Not a Chance.


Change Of My Luck

I can just hear my son now. Dad. What sane person believes he possess a magic $100 bill?

Unreal. You’ve lost your grip on reality. You need to be placed in a secured unit for your own good.

But I do have such a bill. I spend it. It returns to my wallet in a most visible way. The by-the-book Care Center attendant takes it away from me. It returns to my wallet. If I tell him it’s a magic bill, he’ll report me to my son. If I tell him nothing, he’ll think I’m a thief or worse.

I must get rid of it. But how? It keeps returning. Maybe Maggie knows. She lent it to me.

Does he have any control over what happens to him?

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Then you will know if the answer simply is, he needs a change of luck.

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