Old Country Surprises

Thank you for taking the time to meet Mike and his travelling companions. I hope you are excited as Mike is to see Ukraine. While he looks forward to find his great grandfather’s birthplace he have the pleasure of looking forward to reading about some of the historical sights he sees. You will also met some very interesting Ukrainian people and enjoy Mike experiencing different elements of the culture.

From the moment Mike and his friends arrive in Lviv, they become enchanted with the  people and the surroundings. Exotic new foods, architectural wonders, and the witnessing the Ukrainian lifestyle wrap them in the past. Mike sees that the Ukrainian people haven’t forgotten their past, but they are haunted by the Russian influence. It is one more narrative he must add when he shares his holiday experience with his grandfather.

Join Mike as he experiences the beauty of Ukraine and witnesses different elements of their creative life.

A good dinner begins with an appetizer. Yours is a few photos below that show some elements of Ukrainian creativity. Then order you can Old Country Surprises and feast on the discoveries that Mike and his friends uncover.


A   twist  on   Easter  egg  decorations.     Wait  until  you  read  about  Ava and the eggs she paints.


An expression of energy and unity among their people.


A village scene created from hundreds of photos of faces!!!

There is so much more to Ukrainian life. Order Old Country Surprises now and look forward to more surprises discovered by Mike and his friends.

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A word or two from the author, Ken Saik.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Ukraine as much as I did on my tour. If you did enjoy it, I would appreciate you posting a short review and sending me a copy. What aspects of Ukraine or Ukrainian life did you most enjoy? What characters did you most enjoy? Why? Thank you.