Old Country Surprises

In chapter one you learn that Mike’s journey to Ukraine begins with his grandfather’s surprise request––would you go to the old country and find my grandfather’s birthplace? Mike’s demanding work schedule had no room for a holiday, but Mike agreed to go. Why?

Did Mike look forward to touring cities like Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernitsi, and Kiev? Had historical events and outstanding people been the main attraction? Was knowledge of the current cultural, political and economic challenges the determining factor?

What Mike had no way of expecting was what he would learn about his grandfather’s dreams from Natasha, a young attractive aristocratic woman.

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Can’t wait to travel to Ukraine?

Fort Khotyn was built in the twelfth century. At this place in 1621, a 40,000 strong Ukrainian Kozak army withstood an attack from an army of 300,000 Turks, thus saving Europe from Turkish domination.
Ukraine has the world’s largest Easter egg.
The wagon, (one foot in the past) cell phone (one foot in the present).

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