Influence Decision Makers

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Politicians, Bureaucrats Business Owners


You feel like one small voice lost in a pool of thousands can’t be heard.

​I’ve been there. I’ve felt like that.

I’ve learned it’s possible to be heard

​Let me tell you a short story of Gravel trucks permitted to drive by an elementary school and play ground all day, seven days a week.


The People Win Gravel Truck License Revoked


  • Parents moved from individuals sending letters to the elected representative to forming a community pressure group.
  • The community group video taped evidence of truck driver’s infractions. They presneted it to the administration. Success. A traffic officer’s patrol would be doubled from once a day two twice.
  • One evening the community group met with the administration to seek a compromise. Reduce deliveries during school hours or reduce deliveries during times when school begins and ends. No luck.
  • News letter reports to surrounding residents featured the parent’s efforts to promote saftey for their children. The county’s value was equally clear––gravel wa needed. The trucking company needed work.
  • Solution: change county’s position by changing the elected representative. The multi-term veteran was replaced.

Want to be a successful influencer?

  • Start by studying politicians or businessmen and women who are very good at swaying others who are in control.
  • Read about Walter Karlberg

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The Caretaker.

Walter is a developer of high-end condos. He’s committed to building luxury condos along the edge of a long-time protected park. He will do whatever it takes to succeed.

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Influence Decision Makers

Learning from stories of those who sway others