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You feel like one small voice lost in a pool of thousands. You feel like you can’t be heard. I’ve been there. I’ve felt like that. I’ve learned

it’s possible to be heard

Let me tell you a short story of Gravel trucks permitted to drive by an elementary school and playground all day, seven days a week.

SUCCESS! The people win. Gravel Truck License Revoked.

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Parents moved from individuals sending letters to the elected representative to forming a community pressure group: (Parkland Quality of Life Citizens) 

The community group video-taped evidence of the truck drivers’ traffic infractions. They presented it to the administration. Success. A traffic officer’s patrol would be doubled (from once a day to twice.)

One evening the community group met with some county administrators to seek a compromise––>

reduced deliveries during school hours, or reduced deliveries during start and end of school days.

No luck.

Newsletter reports to surrounding citizens featured the parent’s efforts to promote safety for children. The county’s value was equally clear––gravel was needed. The trucking company needed work.

How do these actions get started?

Sebastian Sanctuary Park users face this challenge. Walter Kohlborg, a developer of high-end condos, was committed to building luxury condos along the edge of a long-time protected park. It was evident he intended to do whatever it took.

After a few months, the citizens of Aspen Grove realize that their initial efforts had been ineffective.

In the following excerpt the reader will see that they came to a meeting intent on stopping Walter Kohlborg.

Addressing the concerned gathering, Raymond had described Mr. Kohlborg’s promotional efforts as a professional effort to sway the public and the council. He reported that residents’ letters written to city hall did little to counter Hollis Homes’ public declarations that the Park Place Condos project is good for the city. “To counter Mr. Kohlborg’s promotions we, too, must become organized and professional.”

"organized and professional” looks like what?

A description cannot do justice to what develops next. You need to see what it is like when concerned people make room in their private lives to become active citizens.

Joining of DOSS, Defenders of Sebastian’s Sanctuary, is only the first step. Pooling inexperienced individual talents and knowledge is surprising. One such result is a relational story telling strategy.

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