Restorative Justice

This legal option offers healing to the viticm and the offender equally and brings peace back to the community.

In the novel, the Caretaker, the author provides a model to resolve the fear experienced by Alice, the elderly mugged victim, and a strategy to disspell the frustration that motivated Nick, the teenage offender.

​This is a must read for those who value reconciliation between estranged people.

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The shock of being knocked to the ground and your purse ripped from your hands is indelibly imprinted on Alice’s mind.

​Her physical pain pales in comparison to the realization that the world outside of her appartment is violent. Elderly people are not exempt from harm.


Blinding anger

​Nick is an only child of parents who committed suicide. The junior-high school boy feels the world is unfair and controling.

​Nick’s placement with an elderly aunt who resents being saddled with a new responsibility leads to friction. Being subject to other’s agenda’s leaves Nick feeling worthless.


The Challenges of restorative justice.

​While the natural inclination is for Nick and Alice to avoid each other as much as is possible, no peace will occur.

​Restorative justice requires bringing two parties together to build an atmosphere of understanding and forgiveness.

Third party intervention is critical. That is where Steve, a close friend of Nick’s parents, comes in. He knows there is a more caring side to Nick.


Justice with a Heart

Look no further than the restorative justice option.
This choice brings the victim and the offender together to restore a climate of trust and peace.
What is required is a facilitator with a thick skin and a high degree of patience and time to deal with raw feelings like fear (on the part of the victim) and anger (on the part of the offender).


  • Do you want a legal system that brings harmoney back into the community?
  • Do you want a legal system that treats the victim and the offender equally?
  • If you value people, then you’ll be willing to endure the emotional turmoil of individuals involved in the conflict so you can see feelings of safety and peace return to them.

Ready to give restorative justice a closer look?
​Begin by meeting two parties in conflict:
-> Alice, an elderly woman who is feeling very vulnerable after being mugged and
-> Nick, the teen who feels he is a bother to everyone and must be controlled.
​Both characters are found in chapters 2 and 3 in the novel, The Caretaker.
​I invite you to meet Alice, Nick and Steve, the main facilitator.”

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