Thank you for taking the time to order and read “Not Again”

one of the chapters from Baggage burdens.

You may wonder

how can a high school dropout start a new life, a good life?

Has her personality been so damaged that she will be unable to live a normal life?

However, those concerns are small compared to crisis she now faces.

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The novel opens more than thirty years after Jill ran away from home. She has just had a serious accident. She’s heavily sedated. The future of this recently divorced woman is possible lasting physical impairments and being a single parent with three children. She’s overwhelmed.

Unprepared to face the present, Jill seeks peace in sleep, a sleep that takes her back to her youth. Her hope is recalling how she handled her past hardships will prepare her to deal with her new challenges.

To appreciate the wisdom of her choice, you need to know the turmoil surrounding the human relationships that she formed since leaving her parent’s home. While Jill feels her strength lies in her tremendous will power, she eventually discovers she needs something more.

Join Jill
to find out what more she needs to deal with
life’s harsh demands.

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