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Early impressions of Walter Kohlberg

may suggest he’s a very intense man,

but you’ve seen nothing yet.

Three days after the public hears that Kohlberg’s proposal is on the council agenda, Walter engineers an interview with the local paper and this short article.

Park Place Consultation

Hollis Homes will sponsor an informational luncheon this coming Friday at its boardroom. Selected guests include business owners located near the park. Host Walter Kohlborg, one of the owners of Hollis Homes, plans to pitch their development plans, seek input and maybe grow a list of volunteers who would help prepare the ground-breaking celebration.

When asked about his strong confidence, he said that his project brings much-needed employment. He expects a lot of support.

While Hollis Homes didn’t release their guest list, the Aspen Grove Daily identified some businessmen who were invited. Reporters found little resistance for the project but also no clear support either.

More Lessons from
Walter Kohlberg

See how these and other plans Walter has plays out in Aspen Grove.
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Appear to be a responsible citizen:

  • Walter consults with the community. (his hand-picked community?)

Appear to broaden your appeal:

  • the unemployed of Aspen Grove can benefit from his proposal too.