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Can a strong-willed woman overcome the abuse she experienced as a child?

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3 reviews for BAGGAGE BURDENS

  1. Melle Hiuzinga

    Baggage Burdens. written by Edmonton author Ken Saik, is an exploration of the mystery of life, the effects trauma and the hope of healing. The major character, a woman in her forties, relives her traumatized life while in a coma caused by a traffic accident. Memories of her dysfunctional childhood and teen years reel past her, providing the reader with clues to her character and her inability to accept love and healing, even when she marries for love and provides a home for her children. She sabotages attempts to help in spite of her desperate search for meaning and normality. The best efforts of family , friends I agree and church community are not sufficient to overcome the scarring of adverse experience .

    This is a serious exploration of how life experiences can wound a person and trigger resistance to accepting professional expertise in the world of psychiatry. However, love, healing, and forgiveness are constant themes in the unfolding of the family history. Saik skilfully threads elements of hope and possibility throughout the novel. This is not a stark nihilistic worldview where people are condemned by fatalistic inescapabilty of their past. Baggage burdens. celebrates the possibility of redemption from the dark forces that we encounter in our lives. This novel is a testimony to resilience and love.

    Melle Huizinga

  2. Ann McKinnon

    I really enjoyed the book and was very happy to hear Ken was writing a sequel to it.
    I have read it also and it gave a good conclusion to the story.

  3. Claudette Estrela

    You have provided a fresh take on a commonly discussed topic; I appreciate the unique perspective.

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