Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind

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I can just hear my son now. Dad. What sane person believes he possess a magic $100 bill?
Unreal. You’ve lost your grip on reality. You need to be placed in a secured unit for your own good.

But I do have such a bill. I spend it. It returns to my wallet in a most visible way. The by-the-book Care Center attendant takes it away from me. It returns to my wallet. If I tell him it’s a magic bill, he’ll report me to my son. If I tell him nothing, he’ll think I’m a thief or worse.

I must get rid of it. But how? It keeps returning. Maybe Maggie knows. She lent it to me.

Does he have any control over what happens to him?

Then you will know if the answer simply is, he needs a change of luck.

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5 reviews for Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind

  1. Amy Raines

    Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind by Ken Saik introduces Edgar, who kept his money in the bank and never used credit cards. He wanted a new computer but didn’t have the cash on him. Maggie loaned him a hundred-dollar bill in the hope of getting rid of it. Instead of returning to Maggie, the bill returned to Edgar. Fear of what others may have thought kept Edgar from telling anyone about his magically returning one hundred dollar bill. He tried several different ways to get rid of it. He spent it, purposefully dropped it, used it in a checkout to pay for other customers’ items, and even tore it into pieces. The bill kept coming back. He wanted desperately to be rid of the bill before someone called him a thief or worse. What if they found out about the magic bill? Would anyone believe him, or would they lock him up in the dementia ward, thinking his mind had finally gone?

    Change of Luck by Ken Saik is the entertaining story of a pesky hundred-dollar bill that kept returning to a man in the Brylls Senior Continuing Center. The characters interacted on the same level as typical family, friends, and colleagues. I loved the way Edgar tried to use the returned bill for good deeds. Even with the mystery involved, the important message of helping those in need is relevant to everyone. The subtle way the author wove the idea through this story was highly impressive. The underlying notion that no good deed goes unpunished was a joy to experience. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery. It will keep the reader wondering what will happen next and how Edgar would ever get rid of the money that kept finding its way back to him.

  2. Astrid Iustulin

    It all begins when Edgar, an old man, receives a crinkled one-hundred-dollar bill from Maggie. What can be wrong with that? The problem is that this dollar bill is different. It has the bad habit of returning to Edgar’s wallet whenever he thinks he has spent or lost it. Edgar cannot, and will not, explain the magic involved with the bill because he fears other people, especially his son, will think he has dementia. Will Edgar be able to get rid of the bill? Discover it by reading Edgar’s beautiful story in Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind by Ken Saik.

    Change of Luck struck me for many reasons. First, I liked how Ken Saik portrays Edgar, with all his concerns about the one-hundred-dollar bill and what his surroundings might think of him if he says it keeps returning to his wallet. This made me think about the fears elders may have about how others see them, and it also got me thinking about the relationship between elderly parents and their children. There is something profound and enjoyable about this story; this is why it is unique. It is a book that anyone who likes good stories that can entertain and teach something will like. I recommend this beautiful book to all readers.

  3. Pikasho Deka

    Ken Saik’s Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind is a short story that follows an elderly man’s adventures after he stumbles upon a mysterious 100-dollar bill. Edgar Wellus enjoys a humdrum routine, living his retired life at the Brylls Senior Continuing Care Center. An outdoorsman who used to work with horses, Edgar now loves spending time smoking cigars with his friend Fred Baxter on the front lawn. But everything turns upside down when he comes into possession of a 100-dollar bill that somehow reappears in his wallet even after he spends it. Thinking that his son would probably assume he was losing his mind, Edgar refuses to reveal his peculiar situation to others. But no matter how hard he tries, the bill won’t leave him alone, leading him into trouble more than once. So how will he get rid of it?

    This is a wholesome short story that leaves you with a smile. Ken Saik has a knack for creating down-to-earth and likable characters you can relate to and root for until the end. Despite it being a short story, all the characters feel well-developed and rounded, with an agency to their actions and words. Edgar is a compelling protagonist. He usually helps others in need but finds himself in a tricky situation where he unwittingly lands himself and others in trouble. I enjoyed the setting of the senior care center and its inhabitants, with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Overall, I gladly recommend Change of Luck as an engaging novella.

  4. Luwi Nyakansaila

    A reformed gambling addict living in a nursing home suddenly discovers that he has a magical hundred-dollar bill that reappears in his wallet every time he uses it. What could possibly go wrong? When Maggie offers Edgar help in the form of money, he does not think much of it. Unfortunately, this little act of kindness from a friend is more than he bargained for. After him returning the money to Maggie, the hundred-dollar bill reappears in his wallet. Edgar thinks he is losing his mind. Could it be a sign of old age or dementia? Edgar tries to get rid of the bill by doing good deeds and playing pranks on the nursing home staff, but it will not go away and eventually begins to irritate him and cause trouble. Get a copy of Change of Luck: Not Losing My Mind by Ken Saik and join Edgar as he attempts to get rid of the magical money that will not leave him.

    I had fun reading Change of Luck; it is entertaining and not what I expected. I loved the characters and the unique concept of money that keeps returning, no matter what you do. Edgar is this story’s star and driving force; his antics and personality are hilarious and kept me glued to the pages. Ken Saik gives details that helped me understand the characters and their personalities. Elements like Edgar’s family dynamics, his friend’s stories about horses, and the old man in the wheelchair suffering from pain made me appreciate the characters and relate to them as ordinary humans. It is a quick, easy read with a memorable and fascinating plot.

  5. Essien Asian

    Edgar had saved up to get that nice new computer with the twenty-seven-inch screen, but unfortunately, he is not fast enough and has to settle for something else. The only problem is he does not have enough money to cover his new interest, so Maggi decides to loan him a hundred dollars to make up the difference, which he gladly accepts. Maggi does not tell Edgar that there is a catch to her generosity. Still, she is certain he will eventually discover that there is something special about that crinkled hundred-dollar bill in his wallet. Exciting times lie ahead for the Bryll Continuing Care Center residents in Ken Saik’s Change Of Luck.

    An interesting story on the joys of kicking unwelcome habits plays itself out in Ken Saik’s novel. His characters are unique, as I rarely see scenarios where senior citizens take up critical roles in stories such as this one. This story has a humorous undertone once you become accustomed to some of the interesting conversations between Edgar and his fellow residents, especially the Courtesy Ladies. In addition, there is a hint of a deeper subplot behind Colin’s overtly excessive attention toward the principal character. Saik blends all of this into an entertaining tale courtesy of his unique style bonded with a realistic storyline populated by characters that are interesting and easy to identify with. Change Of Luck will not just bring a smile to your face but will teach you some things about being a better person.

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