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How can you help a strong willed woman?

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7 reviews for HELPING HANDS

  1. Ann McKinnon

    I thought that Helping Hands was a good conclusion to the other novel Baggage Burdens. It is a fast read and easy to identify with the characters from real life.. I would recommend anyone who reads Baggage Burdens to be sure to read the conclusion to the story in Helping Hands.

  2. verified reader

    “Excellent. Well worth the read.

  3. M Lopez

    “Drawing on his personal wisdom and experiences, Ken Saik shows you ways to transform negative emotions into positive ones, how to encourage yourself, and how to overcome fear.”

  4. verified reader

    “Could not put it down-always a sure sign of a good read. But it is so much more. Ken Saik’s story makes you take a pause and do a little internal reflection for yourself.”

  5. A Ortiz

    “A great storyteller”

  6. Derrick McElroy

    “Ken saik uses Helping Hands to illustrate that we are never alone in our journey through life.”

  7. The Adverters

    Ken uses his easy to understand writing style and stories (personal and other inspirational stories) to demonstrate God’s Presence in our lives during the good and bad times. He shows how a Mother cares for her children through this story- for example the story- She is disturbed by the discovery that she needs to find a way to become part of her children’s lives. Her efforts are hampered by having no car, by her job that is temporarily on hold, and by her fear of dipping into the limited funds in her back account. While her physical injuries are healing, she continues to be haunted by her lifelong psychological scars. To whom can she turn to for help? – ends up realizing that God’s presence is needed. Helping Hands is full of encouragement and hope. Ken shows us how to relate to daily events and current situations of our lives- illustrating how we can apply God’s Promises to our lives and find Hope in our trials, darkness, and despair.

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