In The End

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5 reviews for In The End

  1. admin (verified owner)

    love it

  2. Reta H.

    Recommended for young teenagers, especially boys who are struggling with issues of life and death.

  3. Cloie Belle Daffon

    In the End by Ken Saik is a grueling and fast-paced story that piqued my interest from the very first chapter. Saik writes many heartwarming moments, and a few made my heart ache, especially after I think about all the tragedies the teenagers went through. I loved the deep bond that the boys had with each other. Each of them showed remarkable bravery in the face of danger. I could envision the struggles they were facing while maneuvering around the tunnels and I was afraid and horrified on their behalf. I had goosebumps when Perry voiced his concerns about someone following them as they were checking on the different tunnels. The story was so detailed that I could feel the fear and desperation that each of the boys felt as though I was there with them. The characters of the story and its unique plot are the foundations that built up this story. I admired Perry for his unwavering faith and Calvin for his selflessness. The intricate, exciting plot is what allowed these characters and others to shine! The ending was so unexpected, but it was truly a great one. Well done!

  4. Nicholus Schroeder

    In The End was an amazing book and one that I’m glad I got to read. The book had an incredible plot that had me really intrigued as to how it would all play out. The group’s journey in the tunnels was conveyed with clarity, and it was very interesting as their explorations frequently unearthed mysteries and other points of interest that piqued my curiosity. The characters were also another great thing about this book as they were all well-written. Ken Saik definitely put a lot of thought into his characters as each is unique and authentic. Their lines, personalities, and convictions could easily be portrayed as is by actors in a film, and the scenes would still be very organic and life-like. I also appreciated the author’s creativity in how a character met their demise and that each was probable as I do enjoy a bit of realism in my books. I loved reading In The End and have no problem recommending this one to fans of the adventure genre.

  5. Pickasho Deka

    Filled with suspense and plenty of hair-raising moments, In the End is a tale of brotherhood and the act of letting go. There is a sense of warmth and heart you’ll find in this survival tale, as author Ken Saik infuses a lot of touching moments into the story. You feel for the characters and find yourself caring for every single one of them as they fight for survival under harrowing circumstances. Despite the large cast, Saik manages to convey a strong dynamic between the friends with vastly different personalities. Their friendship forms the bedrock of the narrative. I have to say the ending took me by surprise. It felt a little bittersweet yet satisfying, nonetheless. If you love coming-of-age stories about friendship, definitely check out In the End

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